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Information Integrity

In today’s digital age, where data is the lifeblood of organisations, maintaining information integrity is paramount. Data integrity ensures that information remains accurate, complete, and trustworthy throughout its lifecycle. Read More

Computational storage series: Prizsm – Data disaggregation & ‘likable’ latency

For example, data disaggregation offers real potential to future-proof data security in a quantum computing world but there is a trade-off, to some degree, between security and speed of data processing that may require a rethinking of how we architect storage and processing functions. Read More

Computational storage series: Prizsm – The conventional-quantum chasm & stifling standardisation 

Software runs on data and data is often regarded as the new oil. So it makes sense to put data as close to where it is being processed as possible, in order to reduce latency for performance-hungry processing tasks. Some architectures call for big chunks of memory-like storage located near the compute function, while, conversely, in some cases, it makes more sense to move the compute nearer to the bulk storage. Read More

The drive towards computational storage

The IT industry is always striving to overcome bottlenecks, and one of the biggest is input/output (I/O). Whether it is memory bandwidth, network bandwidth or how quickly a high-resolution screen can be refreshed, the speed at which data can be copied by the CPU (central processing unit or microprocessor) to an external device limits overall performance. Read More

Disaggregation of Digital Information and Data Sovereignty Compliance

The huge amount of data stored outside of national boundaries has become a critical issue that is closely related to the question of data sovereignty. New research led by British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)/Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law finds that data sovereignty rules are upheld when using Prizsm Technologies digital information disaggregation and distribution method across multiple geographic jurisdictions. Read More

A computer weekly buyer’s guide to computational storage & persistent memory 

Handling data at the network edge is not a new idea, but it is becoming more important as organisations grapple with growing data volumes and the need to process information quickly. But computational storage is a relatively new way to tackle that challenge. Read More

Cloud storage everywhere and nowhere

Guest Blog: Adrian Fern from Priszm Technologies – techUK cloud week #CloudFuture

There is no Cloud… 

As cloud computing comes of age, we still hear people referring to the popular meme: “…it’s just someone else’s computer”. Many pundits have tried to debunk this as an oversimplification but for organisations starting out on their cloud journey it still holds true. Read More