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Prizsm Images

Confidentiality – Integrity – Availability

Hyper-Secure Data Storage And Communications In The Public Cloud

Prizsm enables anyone to easily protect and secure their information in the public cloud. Prizsm’s unique multi-cloud distribution approach enables businesses to retain data safely at all levels of security classification.

Prizsm Products

Prizsm is a computational storage capability that provides flexible, easy-to-use, resilient solutions for quantum-resistant, hyper-secure cloud storage and communications. Prizsm’s algorithm disrupts data at bit-level and randomly distributes complementary binary digits to locations across multiple cloud platforms, meaning information is stored “everywhere and nowhere”.

Quantum Resistance

For many years, the use of encryption to secure data using mathematical functions has been sufficient to obfuscate data and thus protect the information it conveys. Authorised users can decrypt digital data using a key to enable access to the original information.


A growing concern is that the advent of quantum computing threatens the viability of current encryption methods. Quantum computers will provide lightning-fast code-breaking capabilities, devouring the complex mathematics underpinning encryption and current methods for securing digital information may be rendered useless long before quantum cryptography is solved.


Prizsm provides a Quantum Resistant approach to storing digital information by using disaggregation and random distribution of the data. If you are building, transforming, or “keeping the lights on” a system that will be around in 5 or more years, Quantum Resistance should be one of your primary considerations! 

How it Works

Prizsm randomly distributes atomised information across multiple cloud storage endpoints. If any of the cloud service providers are breached, only a subset of random binary digits (bits) would be exposed and, hence, not enough data to recreate the original information.


Prizsm secures data in a resilient form so that if a cloud provider is lost or becomes unserviceable, the original information can still be retrieved by the platform.


Prizsm also provides cloud orchestration to optimise and simplify multi-cloud provisioning and management. It also enables you to easily replace cloud providers while ensuring operational continuity, overcoming the issue of cloud lock-in.

Data inherently safe as standard

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Protects all information, on all storage devices, for all users

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Transparent deployment ensures no business process change or training

Defence Grade Security

The Prizsm Platform has been thoroughly tested by top security experts and cryptologists and has
successfully been through UK MoD testing programmes.

The Prizsm Team

Created by a highly experienced team who have developed some of the most mission critical and secure data systems in the world including the UK 999 system and many national security systems.