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Prizsm is a computational storage capability that provides flexible, easy-to-use, resilient solutions for quantum-resistant, hyper-secure cloud storage and communications. Prizsm’s algorithm disrupts data at bit-level and randomly distributes redundant, complementary binary digits to locations across multiple cloud platforms, meaning information is stored “everywhere and nowhere”.


With Prizsm Storage, you can benefit from cheap elastic cloud storage services in an inherently secure way. The solution provides a centralised place where you can safely store-and-retrieve digital files. Our approach to disaggregated cloud storage is mapped in traditional terms but delivered virtually, meaning organisations can deploy it transparently, without impacting or changing any of their existing business processes and workflows. Sitting between users and the cloud, Prizsm Storage enables you to take back control of your information and the data that underpins it.


Prizsm Edge extends Prizsm Storage to provide a store-and-forward communication capability. It has been designed for use in Edge Computing and IoT environments or any scenario where information needs to be securely shared. The design enables multiple independent channels to share the same cloud storage without risk of crosstalk. Channels can be configured one to one, many to one, one to many, or many to many depending on your use-cases.


Prizsm Key uses the Prizsm algorithm to enable secure key sharing. It disaggregates cryptographic keys and secrets into redundant, complementary bit patterns that can be transmitted via discrete channels for reaggregation by the intended recipient.