Securing the Edge & Unleashing the Potential of the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is upon us, promising a hyper-connected world where billions of devices generate terabytes of data. But with excellent connectivity comes significant vulnerability. In this data-fuelled landscape, safeguarding sensitive information at the edge is paramount.


Prizsm Technologies brings unprecedented security to the IoT edge with a revolutionary disaggregated data solution. We atomise vulnerable data at the binary (bit) level, creating millions of tiny pieces and scattering them across a global network of secure cloud data storage endpoints, rendering stolen data useless to attackers. This empowers you to unlock the potential of the IoT with confidence and secure your solutions from the ground up.

Unbreakable Security for Edge Data

Quantum-proof disaggregation

Protect your valuable sensor data, device insights, and operational information from even the most advanced threats, including quantum computing.

Store & Forward with Confidence

Securely capture and transmit data asynchronously between devices and cloud locations, even in disconnected environments. Disaggregation ensures all data remains unbreachable, regardless of transmission or storage state.

Granular Access Control

Govern data access precisely, granting authorisation on a data asset level, file by file or block by block. Empower diverse stakeholders to securely analyse and utilise crucial IoT insights while preserving privacy and control.

Powering a Secure IoT Ecosystem

Smart Cities & Industrial IoT

Securely manage smart infrastructure data from sensors, cameras, and actuators, enabling intelligent systems and optimised operations. Disaggregation safeguards critical infrastructure and prevents unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Connected Healthcare

Safeguard patient data collected by wearables and monitoring devices. Granular access control and store & forward capabilities enable secure remote monitoring and data sharing within strict privacy boundaries.

Autonomous Vehicles & Drones

Protect vital navigation data, sensor readings, and communication logs for connected vehicles and drones. Disaggregation prevents hijacking and data manipulation, ensuring safe and reliable autonomous operations.

The Worcestershire 5G Testbed Demonstrates

Prizsm’s store & forward capability has been successfully tested and proven in the Worcestershire 5G Testbed. We delivered secure end-to-end transmission of sensor data via 5G, showcasing the effectiveness of our technology in securing connected ecosystems.

Prizsm is not just a security solution; it’s the foundation for a more secure and empowered IoT. We unlock the immense potential of connected devices while safeguarding your data with quantum-resistant resilience.