Safeguarding Lives and Data in Connected Healthcare

Data is the lifeblood of research, diagnosis, and personalised care in healthcare. Every patient record, genomic sequence, and research finding holds immense value, demanding unprecedented security and privacy.


Prizsm Technologies rises to this challenge, offering a revolutionary data protection solution that overcomes vulnerabilities and secures sensitive health information with revolutionary disaggregation technology.

Unbreakable Trust for Patient Data

Quantum-resistant security

Secure your data, even against future threats like quantum computing, with our unique bit-level disaggregated storage. Stolen fragments of data are meaningless, rendering patient information unbreachable.

Compliance & Transparency

Meet stringent data protection regulations like HIPAA and GDPR effortlessly. Maintain audit trails and granular access controls for complete transparency and accountability.

Unprecedented Privacy

Empower patients with control over their own data. Securely share information with healthcare providers and researchers, fostering trust and collaboration while ensuring individual privacy.

Unlocking Bioinformatic Research with Confidence

Confidentiality & Integrity

Guard the integrity of sensitive genomic data, ensuring accurate research results and safeguarding patient privacy.

Collaboration Without Compromise

Securely share data with researchers and partners across institutions, accelerating collaborative breakthroughs without compromising security.

Future-proof Research

With quantum-resistant disaggregation, your bioinformatics data remains safe and valuable, even decades from now.

Prizsm is more than just a data security solution; it’s a commitment to trust, innovation, and the future of healthcare. By safeguarding sensitive information, we empower responsible research, personalised care, and groundbreaking discoveries that can shape the lives of millions.

NB. A digital file containing the blueprint of a human genome is the epitome of sensitive personal information. These files contain millions of nucleotide bases that make up the building blocks of the DNA molecule (“A” – Adenine, “C” – Cytosine, “G” – Guanine, and “T” – Thymine). The statistical relevance of these four characters, appearing many times, is an alarming vulnerability that hackers attempting to brute-force their way through encrypted versions of these files can exploit. With Prizsm’s bit-level disaggregation, these characters no longer exist when distributed in the cloud.