Security and Defence

Protecting National Defence in the Age of Quantum Threats

National security hinges on secure data. Sensitive operational plans, intelligence insights, and critical infrastructure information form the cornerstone of defence, demanding solid protection against even the most sophisticated threats. Traditional security measures collapse in the face of evolving cyber warfare and the looming shadow of quantum computing.


Prizsm Technologies rises to the challenge, offering a revolutionary disaggregated data solution that redefines security for the defence and security sector. We safeguard your most critical information with an unbreakable shield.

Impregnable Defences Against Tomorrow's Threats

Quantum-proof security

Our unique disaggregation and data distribution technology renders data useless to attackers, even armed with next-generation quantum computers. Stolen fragments are meaningless, leaving your secrets hidden in plain sight.

Unbreakable Operational Resilience

Ensure continuous access to mission-critical information, even under attack. Fragmented data across diverse storage endpoints eliminates single points of failure, guaranteeing operational uptime.

Enhanced Threat Detection

Gain a holistic view of your data landscape and proactively identify vulnerabilities. Prizsm provides comprehensive cyber risk profiling, empowering you to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Securing Every Frontline

Protect Classified Information

Safeguard sensitive operational plans, intelligence reports, and classified documents with unbreakable disaggregation. Preserve national security secrets with confidence, even in the most high-risk environments.

Cybersecurity Infrastructure Defence

Fortify your communication networks, IT systems, and critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. Disaggregation shields you from data breaches and malware infiltration.

Secure Collaboration & Intelligence Sharing

Facilitate seamless collaboration and secure information sharing with allies and partners, without compromising data integrity or confidentiality. Disaggregate and share crucial intelligence with precision, empowering coordinated responses and tactical advantage.

Prizsm is more than just a data security solution; it’s a strategic asset for national defence. We empower stronger defences, proactive threat mitigation, and confident collaboration in the face of ever-evolving threats. The Prizsm Platform has undergone rigorous testing by leading security experts and cryptologists, including UK MoD Alpha, Beta and Bug Bounty programs, ensuring uncompromising Security Standards.